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The Choice to Be Productive

I’ve talked about this before, and it seems like I am speaking about it even more. When you listen to the Power of Leadership Radio broadcasts, you will hear many of our guests share on this success insight also.

Every day we have a choice to intentionally be involved in our life. For some, that may sound silly, odd or off the wall. For others, they will ‘get it’.

When I look back at my last blog post, I see clearly that to some, I will appear like an ‘over achiever’. To those, that may be your perception – but the reality is, I simply chose to be productive.

As I was growing up, I had hopes, ideas, and dreams of how I wanted my life to be. Some of those ideas came to pass. Others did not. I did not have the knowledge, the resources the support system around me to lay the foundation to really make things happen. Now I do.

The big point to make is here: even though I now have all of the things I need to really make dreams, ideas and hopes a reality, the most important thing that is needed first is the commitment and conviction to make a choice to make things happen!

So many people say they want to do things, they complain about the way things are- but they are unwilling to actually do anything about it! The love to wallow in their ‘story’ and it is that ‘story’ that is part of what holds them back. Actually, there are reasons behind the story- and all too often we stay emotionally attached to those reasons. They may not be logical (in fact, most of the time they are not) however, they are familiar and comfortable. The easy way out of things is to do or stay where it is comfortable.

Do you have hopes, dreams, ideas that you say you want to come to pass? Are you being honest with yourself when you say it? Is it really what you want? If deep down inside, the answer is YES- then all you have to do now is make the choice to change. Make the choice to do one thing a day to make one of your goals, dreams, ideas come to pass. Each day you take a new step. Each day you take a new action. Each day you are laying the foundation and walking the pathway to seeing your dreams and ideas become reality!

You may have to modify some of the habits you have now in order to create ‘room’ in your life to do these new actions. That’s good! You want that! If you feel a bit uncomfortable because you are walking in unfamiliar territory- that’s ok! You want that – it’s a sign of growth!

Make the choice to be productive and follow your dreams. In doing so, you can be one of those people who lives a life with no regrets when they are older.

If you need (or want) some support in gaining the courage to take the first step, a key is to learn from leaders who have already done things like this. A great resource that is available to you is right here: http://www.leadershiptrilogy.com/

Enjoy your day and may it be productive and prosperous!

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Being the Leader Producing Results- Listen to Authors From the new book on Leadership

Feb 10 2009

How do you 'BE' a leader that makes things happen? It's funny. Many people have the capacity to lead- yet few do. Others think they are a leader-but often they are missing some key elements (namely 'followers'). Then there are those who simply ARE. They are the ones we call 'leaders'. They are the ones that have gone done in annals of history. They are the ones who are making history today.

So I ask again- how does one BE a leader?

This weeks show gets into this subject with three of the authors of the upcoming book "The Power of Leadership- Being the Leader Producing Results." This third book in the twelve part series reveals some surprising and enlightening insights needed for a true leader.

Daniel Sweet CEO of Pro Publishing Company and author of "The Power of Leadership" book series, Troy Scheer, president and founding partner of Trance Marketing Group & GudmundurGummiSigurdarson all are authors in this third installment of the Power of Leadership seires. They also are three dynamic leaders in much needed effective marketing.

The best leaders need to understand how to BE (you can discover great info in your own copy of the book found at http://www.powerofleadershipbooks.com/) - but great leaders also need how to market themselves to those that follow.

Spend some time with us listening to the show as wecome together to share their insights on how and why the best leaders need to market- and why the best businesses and individuals who market well - are often great leaders!

Enjoy some laughs, learn along the way and be sure to share the archive links with others you know who are hungry to grow as a leader!

Have an awesome day!

Debbra Sweet

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Secrets Behind Passion, Productivity and Profit in Your Business

Feb 03 2009

Wow! Already we are in the second month of Power of Leadership Radio. I am so honored to host this show- and share with you GREAT leaders of today.

On the show we talk about being an authentic leader, one who is grounded, understands at the very core what it is to walk, talk, live, breathe with genuineness as a person. Not everyone is there and in your growth to become a leader in your own world or circle of influence, this atttribute (authenticity) is very important to engage in your life.

Listeners from around the world have been sharing their support on the fact that at Power of Leadership Radio we take a firm stand on authenticity as a much needed core value for today's leaders. People are fed up with greedy, hypocratic, self centered people who's egos drive them - and them only. Just take a look around you! The evidence of the side effects of gluttenous thinking has impacted everyone on a global level. For those who are consisent listeners of the show (and share us with those you care about) - THANK YOU! This weeks show is dedicated to you.

There are still around, companies that I call hidden gems. They are led by the TRUE leaders of today and they inspire leaders of tomorrow. Paul Spiegelman co-founder and CEO of The Beryl Companies along with Ric Franzi, Owner of Renaissance Executive Forums & Chuck Weinberger, CCIM (US Commercial Brokeage), are my guests on air with us this week that exemplify authenticity in leadership.

Have you ever been around a company that made YOU feel like you were everything to them? Whether you were a customer - or if you were fortunate enough to work there-then you'll relate to this show. If you have a vision of creating that type of company for your customers -then this show is a must listen to episode!

You CAN develop a company culture and strenghten your brand as a great organization by BEING the leader who leads with core values and authenticity! Tune in to the show and listen to the archive often to find out priceless information and creative ideas on HOW to make that happen.

Have a prosperous and authentic day!

Debbra Sweet

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Innovative Business Pioneers Share Their Stories on POL Radio

Jan 27 2009

Ever wonder if your idea could really take off and be the 'next big thing?' Great ideas often start with the quickest thought. Once you recognize that thought as an opportunity, then find a way to create a solid system (or plan) to make it happen- you can become an innovative business pioneer too!

This weeks Power of Leadership Radio guests were two innovative business pioneers. I interviewed Bonnie Ross-Parker (The Joy of Connecting®) & Rick Itzkowich (Productive Learning & Leisure).

Bonnie has a unique perspective on networking- she's founded a female focused networking organization that is rapidly growing. Drawing from her working experience in a male dominated corporate arena, Bonnie gave experiential knowledge as to why that time was of value- and how she's using that to further help female business owners today!

I've known Rick for years - and he is one of my favorite people to introduce others to! You know that saying 'if you keep on doing the same thing expecting different results'... you are fulfilling the definition of insanity (ok-that's my own special twist on the definition)... well, if you ARE stuck in a thinking rutt- then Rick is a person for you to know.

Rick shared with our listeners his unique brand of thinking and results producing way of branding and staying top of mind in those around you. If you missed this show- and are looking for a GREAT way to keep your name, your business and your brand in front of those you need to be in front of- be sure to listen into the archive of this show! Rick has a very cool offer just for you. (I've been using this for quite some time now and am very glad to pass it on!)

Enjoy and keep on growing as the awesome leader you are!

Debbra Sweet

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The Privilege to hear Success Insights from Dynamic Thought Leaders

Jan 23 2009

Dr. Ivan Misner (BNI), Ed Mercer & Dr. Richard Kaye (CEO Space) joined me this week for another wisdom filled show on leadership.

Dr. Misner is known to most as the founder of the worlds largest professional networking organization, BNI, he is a true leader to listen to! His insights on networking are as applicable today in every element of networking- as they were 25 years ago when he first launched this organization. My favorite part of the interview with him was when he clearly defined why leaders need to understand that networking to grow your business is easy- but it's not simple! It takes time to learn HOW to network effectively to get the results you want!

Ed Mercer is always full of poise and a genuine heart to teach and lead others. His story is from the heart and will bring you back into perspective in your life to remember that anything IS possible! Be sure to come back to this show again and again and grasp onto the depth of Ed's wisdom. It will help you become a better leader!

Dr. Richard Kaye is a dynamic person to speak with and his contribution to this weeks show was glowing. As leaders, it's easy to get caught up in all the hoopla about what your 'follower's (friends, fans and media too) say about you. Richard's experience as a leader led him to understand the importance of letting EGO GO! I've spoken to Richard often about this element and I truly believe that this one factor in people's thinking and actions is a huge component of what unneccessarily holds them back!

Be sure to pass this show on to your colleagues, friends and family - those who aspire to be a better leader. They will thank you for sharing this show with them.

Looking forward to sharing next weeks guests with you!
Debbra Sweet

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Sales & Social Networking-Insider Tips!

Jan 16 2009

Best Selling Author Ben Gay III (the man behind the writing of "The Closers" series) & Vicki Bass-DeBinion, President of Sales Management Wizard made our second show another great hit!

Selling and social networking are definitely hot topics on the minds of professionals. This was a great contrast of dynamic personalities and insights on selling. Ben was a 'book shelf mentor' of mine for years- and I am proud to say that I am an 'old school' student of sales! It has been a personal joy to actually connect with Ben on a one to one level! (It's cool to go from a 'book shelf mentor to a real live mentor!) His contributions to the Power of Leadership Books and the show on the 13th of January is filled with 'Golden Nuggets' of timeless, extremely valuable insights!

I know a lot of people who bring a lot of flack to the conversation when it comes to selling...but to those I challenge them this: tell me what you think you know about selling-then come talk to Ben! The TRUE MASTER CLOSERS really know the truth - and that is- selling is timeless, and no matter what format, generation, medium or market you deal in- if you do not know the basics (yes- the "OLD SCHOOL" way)- you will not have real sales success!

What was really great about this show is that Ben's info that he shared is completely usable in social media- the subject that Vicki talked about.

Vicki is a dynamo with amazing energy and understanding about online social networking! If you want to really grasp the opportunities social networking can bring you and your business- (and if you missed the live show)- be sure to listen in to the archive! Vicki will joyfully enlighten you to the ins and outs of how to choose which social networking sites you should be using.

Thanks for tuning in each week and spreading the word about the show to your friends and colleagues!

Debbra Sweet

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Power of Leadership World Launch

Jan 09 2009

Daniel Sweet CEO of Pro Publishing Company and author of "The Power of Leadership" book series, Chuck Weinberger, CCIM (US Commercial Brokeage) & Ed Badrak joined me this week on January 6th in studio as the first guests of Power of Leadership Radio.

Being in studio with Daniel is always full of fun- because you never know what he's going to say! True to form, Daniel brought his great wit, intellegence and sense of humor to the show. His sharing on why he started the Power of Leadership Book series was awesome! (If you have not read the books yet, check out: http://www.powerofleadershipbooks.com/.

Our title sponsor, Chuck Weinberger, from US Commercial Brokerage was second up. Chuck is a very introspective guy- but WOW! What a wealth of solid, steadfast knowledge and experience does he bring with him in the area of commercial real estate! For anyone who has ever wanted to get into owning commercial property, I am truly convinced Chuck is the guy to call first. (And I know many people in this field!)

Also with us is the ever humorful, Ed Badrak. I've known Ed for a while and I was glad to have him on the debut show with us. He's one of the authors in the first Power of Leadership Books- 'Finding the Leader Within'. He brings with him a cool life story of his rise in leadership. For those times in life where you're kind of one who is 'thrown into the trenches' of doing something- Ed's wisdom on leadership can be very beneficial to helping you get through those moments.

Overall- we had a fantastic time. The hour went too fast! It was great to also have listeners email us from all over the world! (It is cool to know that we have a couple of fans!! :) Thank you for all those who emailed us your support, thoughts and suggestions- and - acknowledgement and encouragement for our 'Why' for standing strong on the topic of Leadership.

Keep on Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Today!
Debbra Sweet

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