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How to Become a Guest on Power of Leadership Radio:

You must call us at 760-597-2790. You or your public relations firm should ask for the host Debbra Sweet to discuss the possibility of a live on-air interview. Our interview slots are generally booked two weeks to two months in advance.

What you need to KNOW as a guest on Power of Leadership Radio.

Most of our guests have never been on air before, some only a few times. Even if you are an experienced guest, you will benefit by reading all of the following information.

This is a friendly, informative interview in which we strive to showcase your organization. This is your time to tell your story. We regularly begin your interview by welcoming you to the show. Next, we typically ask you to give us a broad-spectrum description of your organization. One to three minutes is a good length for the answer. From there it's an open format, hopefully finding the most interesting, entertaining and inspiring topics. Thanks to our sponsors each guest has 10-20 minutes of talk time and it generally goes by very fast. The amount of time varies depending on the number of guests that hour and the number of commercials we run.

Our listeners are educated and success oriented, and they understand that most of our guests are not professional radio personalities. The more you relax and speak normally, the better the interview will sound.

If you are asked questions you can't or don't want to answer, say so. It's ok to say, "I don't know" or "we don't reveal that information." Answer the questions as you would in a social setting. If you get too technical, we will help you interpret for the listeners. If your answers are long, we will ask questions of a more general nature. If you answer in short sentences, we will ask more detailed questions. In other words, we will adjust to you and your style. If you have any concerns you can call any of our past guests and discuss the show with them.

What you need to DO prior to your appearing as a guest on the Power of Leadership Radio:

Send out notices of the interview to your customer and/or contact database of all applicable parties. Write and submit your short (150 word) bio for the "Who's on this Week" section of the Power of Leadership home page and for your show archive page. Be sure to include a link to your company's web site and any contact information you wish to share with the public.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out and submit our questionnaire. This is a great help in the interview. If you choose, Click Here and listen to a few archives of past interviews. If you choose, call us at 760-597-2790, ask for the host Debbra Sweet and ask any questions not answered on this Web Site. If you choose, e-mail us and attach any company information you wish to send.

You must call us at 760-597-2790 to confirm your appearance on Power of Leadership Radio. Last minute cancellations can cause us severe problems. Sometimes it's not possible to replace you with a quality guest at the last minute. Please begin to think of the interesting aspects of your business.

You must arrive 30 minutes before your show starts (or call in 10 minutes before the show starts). This gives us time to prepare you for your interview. You must turn off pagers and cell phones before the show starts.

Please sit quietly during other interviews. You will be in the studio (or on the phone) while waiting for your segment. The only exception is laughter; the hosts are very funny. Please relax during your interview. Speak the way you normally speak. Have your phone numbers and web site addresses ready to promote them during the interview. Please leave your headset on until the host removes theirs. It makes a peculiar sound if you take it off prematurely.

If you choose, debrief the interview with the hosts and discuss possible networking opportunities.






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