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September 15, 2009:

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Who's on Power of Leadership Radio
Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Lisa Nichols Lisa Nichols is one of the most enchanting speakers and seminar leaders of our era in the personal growth market. Celebrated for her signature voice and dynamic style, Lisa has inspired millions around the world with her insightful message about how to brave hardships, find your authentic self, and cultivate the best life. She is the founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC. Lisa also is the best selling coauthor of Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul. She is currently on tour promoting her just-released new book No Matter What (Wellness Central), which offers and unique blend of personal memoir and breakthrough methods for personal fulfillment and professional success. In it she outlines nine steps or "muscles" one must develop and flex to achieve happiness and success. 

Since the release of the blockbuster hit The Secret, in which Lisa is a featured teacher, her popularity has skyrocketed. She has been likened to such renowned individuals as Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and Iyanla Vanzant. Lisa’s no-holds-barred conversation, witty sense of humor, and business savvy is what has captured the attention of radio shows, CEOs, businesses, and conferences everywhere. She’s been a hit on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Extra, Larry King Live, and on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning Starting Over, and has been featured in numerous publications including O magazine. Lisa has received many awards in recognition for her empowering work, including the Humanitarian Award from South Africa, the Ambassador of Good Will Award, Emotional literacy award, and The Legoland Foundation’s Heart of Learning Award. In honor of Lisa, the Mayor of Henderson, Nevada, even proclaimed November 20th as Motivating the Teen Spirit Day. 

Lisa is magnetic when she’s in front of an audience or leading a seminar. Gutsy and charismatic, Lisa speaks candidly from the heart. She grew up with nothing and hit rock bottom more than once. Now she has contributed to two of the largest self-development phenomena in history and has a treasure trove of wisdom for taking an honest look at your life and moving forward with resilience and resolve. As Jack Canfield puts it, “Lisa is a living example of what it takes to overcome the inevitable obstacles in your path.” She and Jack are among the founding members of the Transformational Leadership Council. Lisa’s stories enthrall audiences and her workshops draw thousands of people craving to learn practical strategies for realizing their dreams and empowering their futures—no matter what.  

Through her books and her presentations, Lisa’s message will continue to touch the hearts and enlighten the souls of millions worldwide. She is dedicated to fulfilling her life’s purpose of helping others heal their pasts and create joy-filled lives.






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