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Tuesday, Jan 27th, 2009

Connect With Innovative Business Pioneers
Connecting with yourself, your business and others is a cornerstone for radically changing results in your life. It's a simple concept but in a hectic world, how do you achieve this with authenticity and consistency?

Join us and hear two innovative business leaders, Bonnie Ross-Parker and Rick Itzkowich. Both are pioneers in their fields. They have figured out how to successfully harness the power of connecting and on this show they share some of their insights with you.

Bonnie Ross-Parker

Bonnie Ross-Parker, a.k.a. “America’s Connection Diva”, is a multi-dimensional businesswomen/entrepreneur with a background in education, franchise development, publishing, mentorship, network marketing, and community development. She combines vision with a unique set of skills. Formerly the Associate Publisher of The Gazette Newspaper/Atlanta, she focuses her energies on supporting women. Bonnie is a graduate of George Washington University, & earned a Certification in Network Marketing at the University of Illinois. Several of her articles on owning one’s own business and entrepreneurship have appeared in publications including: Wealth Building, Home Business Magazine, Business to Business and Entrepreneur’s Business Start-Ups.

In 2002 Bonnie received The Athena Award ~ an honor designed to acknowledge women of leadership in cities throughout the United States.

In September, 2005 she was honored by the Women’s Leadership Exchange, a New York based organization, as an Influential Woman of Georgia and currently serves on their Atlanta Advisory Board. Bonnie is a featured speaker with the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.

Bonnie was honored by The International Toastmaster’s Organization of Georgia with their annual Communication & Leadership Award in May, 2006. She’s the author of “Walk In My Boots” ~ The Joy of Connecting, and Y.O.U. Set A High Standard for Being Human.

Passionate about enriching the lives of business women, in 2002, Bonnie licensed an innovative marketing program for women called The Joy of Connecting®. There are currently 50+ locations in 10 states for professional women, entrepreneurs and business owners to share resources, establish and strengthen relationships and to grow their businesses by networking with one another. The Joy of Connecting® is looking to expand at additional locations nationwide.

Rick Itzkowich Rick Itzkowich is the Co-founder and Vice President of Marketing for Productive Learning & Leisure, LLC. With over 25 years as a trainer in the self-development and personal growth arena for both private and corporate sectors, Rick brings a wealth of experience to the conversation of how your thinking creates your success. “The Mind In Business” is one of PL&L’s most popular courses. In more than 45+ weekend courses and 4 to 9 day learning intensive destination courses, Rick and PL&L trainers guide clients in the discovery of how to master their awareness and thinking for their happiness, fulfillment and prosperity. He is the creator of QuoteActions and the co-author of Social Networking for Business Profits. This week Rick is sharing some of his insights with you.www.ProductiveLearning.com

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